December 20, 2020

Milford Sound Elopement NZ | Sonja + Matt

Sonja and Matt flew from Germany for their Milford Sound Elopement in NZ. Making it offical after falling head over heals for one another, they met on their travels on working holiday visas in New Zealand a few years back.

When these guys decided to elope in New Zealand was the plan, it wasn’t hard to decide on which part. The Fiordland region is a truely special place in the world, and one that only Sonja had visited.

When Sonja told me that a Milford Sound Elopement for their NZ trip was on the cards, my photography dreams had come true. With so many amazing spots to capture on the journey in to Milford Sounds, we were in for a treat!

Her and I chatted over the upcoming months to plan logistics for their day. Sonja organised to have hair and make up done at a salon in Te Anau. From there we would meet and convoy for the drive in.

It wasn’t until a month or so before these two were due to arrive in New Zealand, and we’d had a bit of a hurdle thrown at us. For anyone that was in New Zealand last November, will remember hearing about the huge amounts of rain we received. It caused some pretty catastrophic slips, ultimately closing the Milford Sound road for months. Weeks, then days before these guys were due to elope, we thought that was it! No Fiordland elopement happening this trip. So Sonja and I discussed our alternative options, when all of a sudden a few days before hand, we received the best news! The roads were opening to the public after 3pm. LETS GOOOO! We were so stoked.

Sonjas Hair and Make up: Vibrance Te Anau
Photography + Planning: Kate Alexandra Photography