May 24, 2021

The Boneline Vineyard Wedding | North Canterbury | Jack & Rosalind

I asked Jack & Rosalind to share with us a little about their love, their celebration at the Boneline Vineyard and some handy hints for future couples planning a wedding.

Tell us a little about yourselves, what you do, what you love, what is unique about you and your relationship…

We are Jack and Rosalind. Jack works for his family winery and vineyard, The Boneline, and Rosalind is a secondary school Art teacher. Together we live on the vineyard together in a little house that Jack and his friend Rob built, called The Dating Centre. We love dating each other so much that we designed the space with dating in mind. We love our bichon x maltese x shih tzu Percy, nice food and wine, creative projects. Spending time in the Mount Hutt carpark and working on our house and garden to keep making it better.

How/where/when did you meet?

We met at high school in year 13 painting class. Rosalind arrived as a new student fresh from the misty rolling hills of Northern Ireland. We pashed at farm parties, went to uni together in Wellington the following year, and eventually made a serious attempt at being in a relationship in our second year of uni.

What’s special about your relationship? What do you love most about each other?

Our relationship is pretty special as after a couple of years together in Wellington, we chose to break up on good terms to pursue some separate goals. When we got back together a couple of years later our relationship was stronger due to not taking it for granted and working harder to make sure the relationship was good. We weren’t just giving it a go, we were confident that we are meant to be together. Rosalind – I love that Jack is a big cutie and works so hard to give us a cute life. Jack – I love how we can spend lots of time with each other and have a similar sense of humour. She is beautiful and fun and we love getting stuff done together!

Why did you choose your wedding venue? What was special about it?

We held our wedding in the The Boneline vineyard winery garden. I don’t think we even considered it being anywhere else. It was a very handy site for the ceremony as it is about a one minute walk from our house – Rosalind and the bridal party arrived at the ceremony on foot by just walking around the back of the winery! It is also a beautiful garden planted with natives by Jacks father Lindsay, with a view of hills.

What is your favourite memory or moment from your wedding day?

I think we both loved looking around and seeing everyone having a really great time – both people who are old friends or who hadn’t ever met before just having a good time together! And of course the ceremony was very special…there is so much lead up to that moment so it is a big deal when the moment finally happens. When we went off to the side to sign the marriage documents we were like wow we just did it!

Fave Details

We got lighters printed for each guests table setting with our names in a silly love heart font. It’s cool seeing people still using them to spark up darts and/or candles. We honestly didn’t focus too much on other details – a lot of the essential things were borrowed, and the flowers were almost all gathered up from around the peninsula by Rosalind’s mum the day before.

The Dress

I honestly found beginning the process of looking for a wedding dress terrifying. It feels like a big and likely expensive decision to make and I’m also fussy with how things fit. When I started looking online a couple of dresses by Ingrid Starnes stood out as dresses that felt the most like me. I thought they looked cool and that I would also feel comfortable in them. They posted me several samples from Auckland to try on and the Floretta dress ended up being the one! Other that getting those samples sent down I had only looked at dresses in 1 other place, so I didn’t actually look very hard in the end. I just made the decision and went with it!

Describe the ‘vibe’ or feeling you were going for when planning your wedding day:

We didn’t really try to curate a vibe, we just did things that we liked, and the feedback on the day was that it felt authentically us so I think the vibe was good by not trying too hard! We certainly weren’t going for polish and glamour – it was a classic kiwi ‘marquee on the family farm’ wedding.

Were there any mishaps on the day that you look back and laugh at now?

Nothing went majorly wrong. It was veeeery windy during the ceremony but you can’t change the weather and we do laugh about it now. There were a few jobs that we probably should have allocated more specifically but we hadn’t thought about it – like bringing the champagne out after the ceremony. But everyone loves faffing around for you on your wedding day so everything came together!

Was there a certain moment during the ceremony you want to keep close forever?

When we kissed because we just got married!

If you were to describe your wedding day in three words what would they be?

Fun marriage forever

Is there something you would have done differently (or something you would do more of) if you could do it again?

If the world was a bit different we would obviously have preferred to be able to have friends and family living outside of NZ be able to come. When we were deciding, we just had no idea how long we would have to wait, potentially years, if we decided to wait for international guests to be able to come.

What was your favourite line from your vows to each other?

Jack: Your love is the coolest thing in my life and I want to be the best husband for you.
Rosalind: You bring me out of my shell and make me happy like no one else can.

If you could pick a song to match the feels of your wedding day what would it be?

Breathless, by The Corrs

What are you most looking forward to know that you are married?

Hopefully regaining financial traction and spending the rest of our lives together.

What is one piece of advice you would give to future couples planning their wedding?

Just do it, don’t wait for everything to be perfect.

Some feedback ❤️- What was your experience like working with me?

Our experience working with you couldn’t have been better! Before the wedding we wholeheartedly trusted that you had everything under control and we were so correct. We had the best time with you on the day even while you were clearly working your butt off. I thought I wouldn’t enjoy the process of having my photo taken all day but you made it so fun and chill that I really got in to it! When we saw the photos we couldn’t believe how amazing they are, and how lucky we are to have such good photos that we’ll get to treasure forever. We probably underestimated how important that was to us until we saw them and realised how special it is to have had our whole day captured so beautifully. 10000000 out of 10. xxxxxxxxxx


Amazing Vendors:

Wedding Venue: The Boneline Vineyard
Bridal Dress: Ingrid Starnes Bridal
Bridal shoes: Chaos & Harmony
Suit: Jack Hill
Grooms Shoes: Dr. Martens
Hair & Makeup Artist: Tessa Taylor
Florals: Rosalinds mum
Rings: 1234 Jewellery
Cakes: Cakes by Anna
Celebrant: Celebrant Steff

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