A mood board to get a feel of how I work and my style of photography, through this portfolio collection of moments I adore the most.

When I’m behind the lens, like to go about the day documenting each moment as it naturally unfolds. From the tiniest details to the raw emotions, and those magical little moments in between that may otherwise go unnoticed. I strive to bring out individual personalities and quirks within your story we are telling through photographs. I’ll give subtle guidance where needed, usually in portrait sessions; after all most people aren’t models. Most people I’ve met aren’t used to having a camera follow them around for a whole day. Therefore keeping things relaxed as possible, so you can enjoy this party to the max. Let your hair down. Enjoy the epic-ness of the day you’ve worked so hard for to bring everyone together. To celebrate this thing called love.

Enjoy the ride and create some memories that you will look back on and think – what the heck, this is exactly how I remember. The laughter, the nervous butterflies, the uncontainable happy tears, the hugs, the kisses, the beautiful kai, the champagne explosions. Hoorahs, hilarious and heart-felt speeches, unforgettable helicopter experiences, the music to your ears, the confetti, Grandad having a boogie, the classic sing alongs, drunk Aunties, and yarns with old friends. One of the best damn days you’ll have in your life. All captured truely, in a way to be enjoyed for years to come by young and old.